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Adhesive Vinyl Tips

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Why won’t my adhesive vinyl project stick?

Sometimes when crafting the smallest thing can make a big impact on whether your DIY craft project will be a success or a failure. Here are a few tips and tricks if you can’t get your adhesive vinyl project to stick to glass, metal or wooden surfaces. Learn more about the difference between adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl here.

Why won’t my vinyl stick to a glass surface?

When crafting with adhesive vinyl you want to ensure that before you start your project you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the surface you are planning on sticking the vinyl to. Grease and oils from both the product itself and your hands can create a barrier that the vinyl cannot stick too. The best solution for this is to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol first.

Why won’t my vinyl stick to a metal surface?

Firstly ensure the surface is clean and rust free. Remember to try rubbing alcohol to clean the surface first, the same as working with glass. If you’re still having trouble you can try leaving the transfer tape on the surface for a while giving the vinyl time to stick and create a bond with the surface before removing. Ideally try waiting 10 – 15 minutes before removing.

Why won’t my vinyl stick to a wooden surface?

If your wooden surface is uneven it can be tricky to get your adhesive vinyl to stick nicely. Wood can have many natural elements such as knots and splinters that can affect the performance of your vinyl. Sand the wood down thoroughly to create a smooth surface you can easily apply the vinyl to. If the wood still doesn’t allow you to stick your vinyl to it,  you could try applying a layer of paint or varnish to the wood before applying your design.

Why won’t my vinyl stick to a textured wall?

Textured walls aren’t great for sticking adhesive vinyl to. However, if you use a tennis ball to press the decal down instead of a hard squeegee or credit card you are able to get a much better application. You can also use a hair dryer or a heat gun to help the vinyl to adhere much better.