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Cricut Mat Hacks

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Cricut Mat Hacks!

Here are a few little tips and pointers to help you get the most out of your Cricut machines.

Make sure you are using the correct mat

If you are unsure which mat to use for which material click here to see our other blog dedicated to this topic.

What to do when your mat is too sticky

If your Cricut mat is too sticky it can cause rips, tears and snags in your material. To avoid this simply place your mat against some CLEAN fabric, such as a t-shirt or bedding. This should make your mat less sticky.

What to do when your mat won’t stick

If your materials aren’t sticking or are moving around chances are that you need to clean your mat. If you want to clean your green, blue or purple mat just take a natural baby wipe and wipe in circular motions. Once your mat is clean allow to dry before using it again. The Pink mat will need to be cleaned slightly differently to the green, blue and purple.

Another tip is to use a adhesive spray to get the mat to stick again, however if your machine is under warranty this could make it void so please check before using.

Use tape on thick materials such as wood or leather

To stop these materials moving around you can use washi tape or painter tape to secure the material to the mat.

Keep your mats clean

Keep the plastic sheet which comes with your mat and place it back on to it when you have finished cutting. This will prevent things sticking to it.

Properly Remove Mat from Projects

Instead of trying to peel your project from your mat, try facing your mat down on a clean flat surface and peel the mat away leaving your project behind. This will ensure no small parts get stuck in other places they shouldn’t be.

Make sure you are using the correct blade and have it calibrated

It is really important to use the correct setting or you could damage your materials. Our blog post discussing which blades to use will be coming very shortly.

Using the correct mat size

Cricut mats come in two sizes 12×12 inches and 12×24 inches. For general crafting and smaller projects the 12×12 inch mat will be much easier to handle. However if your planning on using your Cricut for sewing purposes you may find the 12×24 inch mat will enable you to cut out larger pieces.

Shopping Cricut Mats

Cricut mats can be bought from their own website Shop Cricut Here or on Amazon. You may also be able to find them at your local JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels store or Walmart.

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