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Make your craft business the most profitable yet!

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Consider these to make your craft business the most profitable yet!

When it comes to making a business using your Cricut, Silhouette or any other cutting machine you need to consider all of these points in order to make sure you’re not losing out on any profits.

Stock Costs

Your materials and stock cost you money, consider buying in bulk if you are going to be selling a lot but remember you don’t want to end up with tons of supplies you’re not going to need. 

Also you may end up with quite a few scrap pieces of vinyl you can’t use for your projects so try cut them out to minimise the wasted space.

Shipping Costs

If you are offering free shipping to your customers ensure you have factored this into the price point of whatever you are going to be selling. 

When thinking of new products to sell, try to think about the price it would be to post the item. Another note here is if you’re shipping fragile items such as wine glasses, factoring in good wrapping and packaging to protect your crafts in the mail.

Staying Relevant/Trends

Creating your products in bulk can be really helpful in busy times but trends come and go. You don’t want to be left with dead stock that’s out of fashion so be wise when deciding how many items you are going to premake.

Time and Effort

Crafting should be a thing that brings you joy and if you can make some extra cash from it all the better. But when pricing your products you must consider the amount of time and effort it really does take you to create your product start to finish. This way it will be even more rewarding knowing you aren’t just giving away your time.

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