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What is an SVG File?

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What is an SVG File and What can you do with them?

SVG stands for a scalable vector graphic file. Because these files are scalable unlike pngs and the like, they are able to keep their high quality when increasing or decreasing its size.

Why do I need SVG files?

Vinyl cutters/plotters and laser cutters all use software which reads the lines of the SVG files.  When you purchase your machine you will need to use the correct program for your chosen machine. SVG files are created digitally and are made up of nodes that the software reads.  These points allow your machine to cut onto your chosen material. 

Buying SVG files or downloading them for free can be very beneficial to both new and old crafters. Creating beautiful designs can be time consuming, even before learning the process of making an SVG file. Although we do recommend you learn as much as possible about cutting files and your cutter in general. 

How do I use an SVG file

To use your SVG file to create a project with, you must first download the file. When you download any files from they will be zipped, to learn how to unzip a file click here.

Next you want to import your SVG file into your cutting software. This software will vary depending on the type of cutter you have.  Vinyl cutter software programs include Cricut Design Space, Sure Cuts A Lot, Make The Cut and Silhouette Studio.

What can I do with an SVG file?

The possibilities of what you can create with an SVG are endless. Once you know how to cut your SVG design out you can create anything from t-shirts to mugs. 

Are SVG files only for vinyl cutting?

No! You can use your SVG files on other machines including laser cutting machines. Examples of these machines are Glowforge and K40. We have a separate section for SVG files designed specifically for laser  Click here to take a look.