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All You Need To Know About Weeding

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Beginner Crafting: Weeding

What is a weeding tool used for?

In the world of vinyl cutting and crafting the term weeding is the technique of removing the excess vinyl away from the design you have cut. This is often done using a weeding tool. There are many different styles of weeding tools so try a few different ones out to find the right one for you. The tools are usually a sharp pointy stick which helps get even the tiniest pieces of vinyl out.

What to do if your project won’t weed correctly

If you are having trouble weeding and are cutting an intricate design you will want to check you are using a sharp blade helping your vinyl cutter make clean precise cuts. It is best to replace or switch your blade to a designated blade to help make your design cut smoothly. You can also try slowing your speed down on the machine.  Both of these tips should make for cleaner cuts that make weeding so much easier.

What is reverse weeding?

If you are weeding something very intricate in adhesive vinyl, reverse weeding could be worth giving a try. To reverse weed all you need to do is weed your design after you have applied it to the transfer tape. 

Step 1. Cut your design.

Step 2. Place design face down on transfer tape.

Step 3. Remove backing paper.

Step 4. Weed away excess vinyl.

How can I sharpen a weeding tool?

A top tip any crafter needs to know is you can sharpen your weeding tools and blades by carefully poking them through a sheet of aluminium foil.

What to do if only half of my design is weeding correctly?

Some vinyl cutters have levers to hold the vinyl in place. Be sure all of the levers are correct. If this does not fix your problem you could consider looking into replacing the cutting strip that can become damaged over time.

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