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How to unzip compressed folder

How to unzip a zipped file

Usually when you download SVG files online the are downloaded into a zip file. This is beacuse there may be more than one format of the design for example our svg’s also come with a PNG and a DXF file. For this reason we put all the files together in one folder then zip the folder which compresses the files until you download and unzip them. This doesn’t effect the files or designs once opened.

1. Download your file

Quickly and easily download the designs you want by adding them to your cart then checking out. After this you will see the folder in your downloads section of your computer.

2. Right click the folder

Super easily right click on the folder you want to unzip. Then you will see a small menu to chose from, select “extract all”.

3. Extract

You have the chance to select the desitnation of the extracted files here. If you don’t change this they ususally end up in the same location the ziped file is saved in. Hit extract.

4. Open and use your files

Now your folder is unziped you can open the folder and get crafting!